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Terms of Service

Use by you of this website establishes, and is strictly on the basis of, agreement in full by you, on your own behalf and on behalf of anyone you represent, to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time by amendment to the version posted on the website and any subsequent use by you of the website will be taken as acceptance by you of the Terms & Conditions in their amended state.

  2. You warrant that you are not in breach of any law or order of any court by using this service.

  3. You agree that, in visiting and navigating around this website:

    1. you will use this website for your own lawful personal or business use and not act in any way that amounts to a breach of any law and will fully indemnify and hold us harmless against all claims or demands or other consequences of any breach of this provision.

    2. you will not upload onto any area of this website any images, graphics, text, hyperlinks, machine readable code or other content that amounts to a breach of the rights, including intellectual property rights, of others and/or which may breach reasonable standards of morality, decency and respect for the interests of others to be treated with civility and/or which may breach the rights in law of others not to be defamed and/or which may breach any right in law whatsoever and shall hold harmless ourselves against all claims and demands that may relate in any way to such content.

    3. you will not upload onto any area of this website any information, whether as to your identity, the purpose of your visit or otherwise, that is not truthful and honest.

    4. you will not upload to this website, or create or increase any risk of the uploading by others, or otherwise expose this website or any email address disclosed on it, to the risk of a visit or action by any virus, trojan, autobot or other form of malware of any description, and will keep us at all times fully indemnified against any loss or damage resulting from any such upload or risk.

    5. we have full right to remove at any time, and without notice to you, any content you upload to this website.

    6. should you access any part of this website by personal login, you accept full responsibility for all actions taken on the website under your username and all material uploaded, whether or not you were the person who took such action.

    7. we accept no liability for any loss or damage resulting, directly or indirectly, from your visit to this website, or through access from this website, whether a website that is linked from this website, or any website that masquerades as our website or from data and information appearing through data sharing technologies, or from your use of less than the optimal encryption security, anti-virus or anti-spam protection or other similar procedures, including measures to protect your personal identity, in your browser or e-mail program, or otherwise the manner and procedures you adopt when browsing around the Web.

    8. No part of this Web Site is intended to constitute advice and the Content of this Web Site is provided for your general information purposes only and to inform you about exitbydesign Ltd and its products and news, features, services and other websites that may be of interest. The Content does not constitute technical, financial or legal advice or any other type of advice and should not be relied upon when making any decisions or taking any action of any kind.

    9. whilst we endeavour to ensure the continuity of the availability of the website on the Internet, we give no guarantee or warranty of the availability of our website, or the content nor its condition, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose or performance and we exclude all such representations, guarantees or warranties expressly. You agree that the potential for disruption of connectivity extends well beyond technology and events over which we have any control, covering possible actions by many varied organisations who contribute to the functionality and connectivity of the Internet as well as the status of your own software and websites, and that we accept no responsibility for (nor any liability for) any loss or damage resulting, directly or indirectly, from any disruption of access or failure or variation of intended functionality that occurs for whatever reason.

    10. you will comply with all reasonable instructions we give you in relation to your use of this website and you agree that that we reserve the right at any time to suspend or cancel your use of, or access to, this website.

    11. you recognise that we own all intellectual property rights in the content on this website and the look and feel of the website, and your use of the website does not give you any right, title or interest in any of the website content or the website or the intellectual property rights in it. You agree that you will not, either do  or assist or permitothers to do,  anything that breaches  our intellectual property rights  and will not copy or reproduce any element of this website or its code or content, nor use it, or any part of it, to create any content, document, website, image or graphic. In addition you will not create, or permit or assist others to create, any link to or from any part of this website save to the home page nor take any action that directly or indirectly prevents, in whole or in part, access to, or reduces the enjoyment by you or others of, this website.

    12. any link to any third party website and third party website content is provided by us for convenience only and does not imply our agreement or endorsement of the content of, nor any affiliation with, the third party or their website. We are not responsible for the operation, management or security of any third party website or its content and therefore exclude all liability for any loss or damage arising out of the use of any third party website or content, including (but not limited to) losses arising from copyright or other intellectual property rights’ infringement, or the introduction of any virus or defects or malfunction in connection with such use. Our responsibility (and liability to you) for any such link is limited to the maintenance, addition or removal of links at our sole discretion. Please ensure you read each third party’s website legal notices and terms of use.

    13. Nothing in this notice is intended to operate to exclude or restrict liability for fraud or any other liability that cannot be excluded by operation of applicable law.

  4. In the event that any term is held to be invalid by a decision of a court of competent authority, the remainder of these Terms & Conditions shall remain valid and enforceable.

  5. The laws of England and Wales shall be the only laws that apply to your use of this website and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales for the resolution of any claim or dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and your use of the website.

  6. All written notices to be given to exitbydesign Ltd shall be sent by email to or by post to:

exitbydesign Ltd.

186 Mount Pleasant​

West Midlands




Exitbydesign Ltd is a private limited company registered in England with number 13004105 whose registered office is at 186 Mount Pleasant, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 9SN.

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